Week 3 & 4 Newsletter

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After a week of snowy weather and continuous delays, the Gaelhawks are back on track with this year’s robot! A cancellation of last week’s Saturday and Sunday meeting cost valuable time for all of our committees, but the team is now on pace for yet another successful season! Our committees have all been hard at work, with every team continuously working every day! 

Our build team is on its way, building parts for our prototype robot, and even some parts for or final design. Parts for the updated shooter, the ball pickup, and more are starting to be built, and will be finished over the next couple of weeks. The team created CAD (computer aided design) models for our final prototype, and once all those parts are built, testing will begin! The build team has also done some extensive work on the practice field, with the hangars being built, and the carpets arriving soon!

The programming team has also been hard at work testing our prototype shooters, and brainstorming several ideas for different shooters as well. Every programming class is efficiently working on code for our drivetrain, autonomous modes, and ball pickup systems.

Our subcommittees such as our scouting team and awards team have also been busy! The scouting team has worked on the scouting app and updating our tablets for competition. The award team has also done a lot of work creating essays for the Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers Award nominees. Congratulations to Sanjana Jain, Benjamin DeMartino, and Miss Piccolo!

The next few weeks will do much of the same with building, programming, and brainstorming for a more successful 2022 season!

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