Week 2 Newsletter

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Welcome Back!

Over the past week, the Gaelhawks have been operating at maximum speed designing, building, and programming this year’s robot for the 2022 season! Every committee has done substantial work over the past seven days, as new members are starting to get comfortable with our team. 

Our build team has been hard at work experimenting new prototypes for our shooter and our climbing system. Soon, the team will focus on the final designs for the robot and create parts for the final design. The team also worked on building the practice field by creating the lower and upper hubs located in the middle of the field. Over the next week, additional parts of the field will be built in time for testing our prototype.

The programming team created code for each mechanism and started working on mapping out our autonomous modes for the robot. The team also started testing our prototype shooter, fine tuning the code for the design. 

Our digital marketing team started designing logos for this year’s T-shirt, combining the Gaelhawks with the Rapid React theme. The team also edited and revised the team website, and worked on updating our social media pages.

Our outreach committee met this week to discuss potential ideas to get our team involved in the community. The team reflected on our past endeavors and created a list of new outreach ideas we could try to get involved in local organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Shelton.

Finally, our scouting team started updating our scouting tablets, as they have not been updated in over two years. They also decided which software we will use for data gathering and analytics.

We have been hard at work this week, and have no plans of stopping. Please make sure to look out for our future updates!

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