What Is FLL?

The objective of FLL (First Lego League) is to get kids from grades 4-8 interested and enthusiastic about the STEM field. However the experience of FLL is way more than just working with robots. By participating on a FLL team kids learn how to work collaboratively and  build team spirit. It also helps team members creatively develop problem solving skills. Each year teams are given missions that they need to solve using robots. It’s not as simple as it sounds. The kids have to research a given topic within their team, strategically plan, build, and test programming on an autonomous robot to solve missions,  and develop a product to help solve a problem related to the theme.

The Mission 

This year the mission that was given to First Lego League was “Superpowered”. This topic has to do with exploring where energy comes from and how it is distributed, stored, and used to work to innovate for a better energy future. Teams will choose and solve a real-world problem in the Innovation Project. They will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under the FIRST signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism®.

Meet Our FLL Teams

Shelton mentors a variety of talented FLL teams from different schools and grades in our town. These teams include; Techniq, Predators, and Resistors. This year was a very successful year for our Shelton teams. Not only did they receive a variety of awards, but we had two teams finishing 1st and 2nd place in the state champions. Stay tuned for their progress at the world championships, in Detroit, this year.

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