FLL Team 3530

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Team Members:

  • Matthew Boivin
  • Patrick Carroll
  • Charlie Santa
  • Diya Singh
  • Aiden Welch
  • Rhea Patel
  • Henry Pierpont
  • Harshita Upadyay


This team is made up of five inventive 8th graders and three enthusiastic 7th graders. They worked hard throughout the season developing their project and robot. They had the opportunity to present these elements at the New Haven regional competition, in which they won the Champions Award and a Golden Ticket to get to states. Using this Golden Ticket, they did an amazing job in Shelton for the state competition. They got the 2nd place Champions Award, only missing out by the Predators. The Resistors hope to carry this amazing performance onto next season.

2019 Awards:

  • Golden Ticket @New Haven
  • New Haven Champions Award @New Haven
  • 2nd Place Champions Award @States

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