Week 3 Newsletter

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One of the most important parts of the build season for our team is the practice field. Our practice field is used to test prototypes for mechanisms on the robot as well as to practice strategies prior to competition season. 

The field we build is typically half of the full field used at competitions and includes all of the potential obstacles and scoring structures for the game. This year, the field has been particularly challenging to construct. We were tasked to build a structure in the middle of the field that is capable of holding our robot while it hangs on a bar many feet off the ground. Since the majority of the field is constructed out of wood, everything we build must be reinforced so it is able to withstand a significant amount of force when the robot interacts with it. You can see an image render of the field below.

This week, a group of 8 students, with the help of a few mentors, worked tirelessly to build everything necessary for the practice field. They transported most of the parts to our STEM Center where the large components of the field will be assembled and readied for use by our practice bot in the coming weeks.

Watch our Week 3 Highlights video below!


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