Week 2 Newsletter

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The Gaelhawks Week 2 

The Gaelhawks are back for week two! Our team has made tremendous progress in the last week in our core committees. We have established our roles for returning and newcomers on this team through our buddy system. This system allows new members to be partnered with a “buddy” which is a returning member who shows them the way of the Gaelhawks. Now, let’s take a look at what we have accomplished this week. 

The robot build team started testing our prototype mechanisms for loading the power cells into the shooter. We have finalized a design for our shooting mechanism and tubing for the frame of our robot is cut.

Our programming team has assigned certain tasks to each student which they have been working on this week. They have also began to test software with our new Falcon 500 motors. The team is building a main class structure and will be compiling all the students’ code this weekend.

Our Chairman’s Award committee finalized our chairman’s essay and began drafting a script for their presentation at competitions. They are in the process of making a profile for our team by gathering information about our team’s accomplishments. We would like to congratulate Ria Dalvi and Caroline McCormick on being nominated for our teams Dean’s List award, as well as Mr. Niski for the Woodie Flowers’ award. Our awards committee is creating essays for our nominees during the season. 

The digital marketing committee updated the website with new and more recent photos for our front page. We are planning a convenient way to communicate with people about our Big Y fundraiser coming up in February.  We are also brainstorming and creating drafts for a new logo for our T-shirt. The videography team has also created another masterpiece, which you can check out here or below. 

Finally, our scouting team has made  progress in finding the parts of the game that are needed to go into the scouting report through studies of the game. Also, the team has reset all the scouting tablets to their original setting. They are also working with a rocket scientist to create a digital visualization for the game. 

We are currently looking for any companies that have a cnc or laser metal cutting machine to help us make parts for our robot. If you know anyone that would be willing to give us the time and let us use their machine please contact us at mail@team230.org

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