Week 8 Newsletter

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Waterbury Here We Come! 

As we near the end of build season, we’re just about ready to go to our first event next weekend. Our build and programming teams have been hard at work polishing, refining, and improving our robot for competition. This week we have been rigorously testing and practicing with our drive team at our newly built practice field. You can find more info about the upcoming Waterbury event here, as well as a daily schedule for the event here. The event will take place on Saturday March 7 and Sunday March 8.

If any of our sponsors are interested in attending the event and having VIP access within our team, including tours of our pit, explanations of the game, introductions to lead mentors, etc, please contact John Niski at JNiski@sheltonpublicschools.org

Our Chairmans committee has been practicing their presentation which consists of pathways and doors that open by participating in robotics within the Gaelhawks. They have also made final submissions for Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers awards. Our Digital Marketing committee has also created our Chairmans Video, which gives an overview of how our team is active within our community, and how we get younger kids engaged and interested in robotics. You can watch our Chairmans Video below!

This month we participated in Big Y’s Community Bag fundraiser where every Community Bag that was purchased at our local Big Y was matched with a $1 donation to our team from Big Y.   A special thank you to everyone who purchased one of the bags and generously supported our team. We will share the total amount of money that was donated in an upcoming newsletter!

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