Week 7 Newsletter

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What’s next for the Gaelhawks?

For the past two weeks, our team has come close to completing all the goals we set out to accomplish in the pre-season. We completed our practice field, which is a massive wooden structure at the STEM Center that has all the components needed for this year’s game. This is where we practice our game strategy for the competitions, including launching power cells (yellow balls) into a high power port (target hole) as well as rotate/stop a control panel (color wheel). 

As we approach our first competition, we are beginning to put together a larger scouting team, whose responsibility will be to figure out which teams’ robots would work well in our alliance. This team uses their own “230” scouting system to track how each robot performs in all aspects of the competition (ex: how many power cells a robot can pick up or shoots into the port or if it can climb). During the events they record notes about each robot every time they compete. 

The construction and wiring of our robot, unofficially named SidDARTH Vader, is nearly finished, as we put on the finishing touches. The code for our robot is also nearing completion as we finalize the mechanisms of our robot. 

Mark your calendars for March 7-8, 2020 as we will have our first competition at Wilby High School @460 Bucks Hill Road, Waterbury, CT. If any sponsors would like VIP access to the event contact jniski@sheltopublicschools.org.

Thank you to all of those who have been supporting us in our Big Y fundraiser, as this is the last week to buy the Big Y community bag with funds going to our team.

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