Week 3 & 4 Newsletter

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Welcome back to Weeks 3 & 4 of the build season! We are excited to report that during the past two weeks, our team has made significant progress toward constructing our robot.

As part of our build team, a dedicated group of individuals has been hard at work fabricating the outside pieces for the robot’s grabber. Meanwhile, another portion of the build team has been focusing on constructing the electrical board and connecting all drive motors and sensors. Together, we are getting closer and closer to the final assembly of the robot’s arm.

In addition to our work on the physical construction of the robot, our programming team has been busy developing new features to help us perform better in competition. Specifically, they are currently developing a system to track April tags in real-time, which will allow our robot to automatically align with scoring positions. Additionally, they are using a test robot to simulate game conditions and refine our programming accordingly.

Our digital marketing team has been hard at work creating highlight videos and posting on our social media accounts to keep our followers updated on our progress. We have also brainstormed future ideas and concepts for competition videos, which we are excited to share with the community.

Meanwhile, our scouting team has been working on gathering data from the FIRST API to experiment with this year’s new performance dashboards. They are also developing a ranking system for an alliance’s offensive and defensive score, which will help us better understand our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, our awards and outreach team is proud to announce that we have completed the Dean’s list award, which was awarded to Harshi Upadhuay and Amy Naylor. The FIRST Impact award has also been submitted, and we are eagerly awaiting the results. However, there is still work to be done. We need to send in the February STEM video, along with the business plan and the FIRST Impact script/presentation. Overall, we are excited about the progress we have made and look forward to continuing to work hard!

Here is our February STEM video as well:

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