Week 1 & 2 Newsletter

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The Gaelhawks are proud to announce their 25th year in the FIRST competitions. This is a major milestone for the team, and they are excited to continue their legacy of success.

Last week, the team eagerly watched as FIRST revealed the game for the 2023 season. The game, Charged Up, promises to be an exciting challenge for all teams involved. But before diving into that, let us highlight the Gaelhawks’ achievements this fall.

On October 2nd, the team proudly showcased a booth at The Slab for Shelton Day. This event was a great opportunity for the team to connect with their community and show off their impressive robot, TorMentor. The robot triumphantly won Bash at the Beach, a competition that showcased some of the best robots in the area. The team was thrilled to receive the Gracious Professionalism award, which recognizes teams that demonstrate kindness and respect towards their fellow competitors. The robot was also present at Shelton Intermediate School on Halloween for Trick or Trunk, where students were delighted to interact with it. Meanwhile, the Outreach committee was busy volunteering at The Boys and Girls club, where they helped to organize activities for the children. Finally, the team enjoyed a fun-filled bonding experience by going bowling, which helped to strengthen their team spirit.

On Kickoff Day, the team brainstormed ideas for how to excel in this year’s game. The subteams demonstrated exceptional teamwork and dedication by meeting and discussing their strategies for the season. They worked tirelessly to come up with innovative ideas that would help them stand out in the competition.

The build team is confidently working on the swerve mechanism and constructing their test field. They are determined to create a robot that will be both efficient and effective in the game.

Programming is devotedly programming. They are working hard to ensure that the robot’s code is optimized and error-free, which is essential for success in the competition.

Digital Marketing is actively taking photos and videos of the team, updating their website, and creating an exciting first highlights video of weeks 1 and 2. They understand the importance of showcasing the team’s achievements and creating a strong online presence.

Scouting is scouting. They are analyzing the competition and gathering information on other teams’ robots and strategies. This information will be crucial in developing effective game strategies.

Awards is diligently working on their nominations for the Woodie Flowers and Dean’s list awards. These awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to the team. They have already submitted their final nominations and are continuing to work on their grants. “We’re having a grand ol’ time!” like Harshi Updayhay says.

If you would like to learn more about this year’s game, Charged Up, please watch the game video. The Gaelhawks are excited to continue their legacy of excellence and are looking forward to the challenges of the upcoming season.

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