Week 5 & 6 Newsletter

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Hello, Gaelhawks supporters!

We hope you’re doing well. We’re excited to report that our team has been working tirelessly on building the robot, and we’re proud to say that it’s almost complete! We’re currently in the process of testing mechanisms and automating scoring capabilities, and we can’t wait to see what the robot is capable of. In addition to finishing up the wiring on the robot, we’ve been celebrating Sponsor Appreciation Weekend in honor of our gracious sponsor. We are truly grateful for their support, as we wouldn’t be the team we are without them.

Our programming team has been putting in a lot of effort to ensure that our new vision systems are working properly and that our auto-alignment is perfect. They’ve also been working hard to debug all motors and sensors to make sure that we are reading and sending correct input/output values. Additionally, they’ve started to work on our mechanism control systems, which will be crucial for the robot’s success.

The Scouting team has been busy finalizing their input forms to gather match data during competitions. Going into next week, we will begin teaching our team how to use the input form, as well as training our scouters to be prepared for matches. This should give us a competitive edge and help us perform at our best during competitions.

Our digital marketing team has also been hard at work, developing the FIRST Impact video and preparing to film our annual robot reveal video. They’ve also been busy posting on our social media accounts, keeping our followers up-to-date on our progress.

Finally, our Awards and Outreach teams have been making great progress. They have finalized the business plan and FIRST Impact presentation script, and are practicing presenting those for competition. Last Saturday we also hosted Day During Build, where we invited 7th and 8th grade FLL students to come see what a Gaelhawk’s workday is like. All in all, we’ve been staying busy and making progress on multiple fronts. Thanks for your continued support!

Here is our highlights video for weeks five and six:

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