Week 6 Newsletter

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As we near the end of Week 6 of the build season, the Gaelhawks are continuing to work tirelessly on the 2022 robot! Each of our teams have been putting forth a tremendous amount of time and effort this past week, making lots of progress. With committees working overtime, Team 230 is looking good!

Many students from different committees, especially our build team, have worked additional hours this past week, finally starting to get comfortable with where we are with the robot at this stage. 

The build team has created and finalized the parts for our final robot and are currently assembling them on the final chassis as we speak! The team has also finished creating the bumpers for the robot. Over the next few days, the final bot will be fully assembled, and will be handed over to the programming team. 

Although the robot is not finished yet, the programming team is still hard at work. This past week, they have been experimenting and testing code for the ball pickup system and are currently working on the base code for other parts, such as the autonomous, shooting, and climbing modes.

Our outreach team has also done a lot of work this past week! After two years, the team is restarting weekly STEM challenges, where they give younger kids a chance to learn and solve STEM-based challenges and concepts. They have also been setting the team up for Day During Build, where eighth graders from the Shelton Intermediate School come to the high school to observe our work and meet with the team! Day During Build will occur next Saturday, February 26. 

The Gaelhawks were also featured at this year’s 2022 DECA Fashion Show! Ms. Piccolo, and our beloved robot, Gaelien, dressed up for the spotlight in this year’s show, spreading the Team 230 joy across Shelton High School! 

This next week, the team will start to shift from the building phase to the programming phase. There are 19 days until our first competition, and the team is looking great! 

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