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The Gaelhawks Week 1

Hey there! This is the Gaelhawks here to update you on how our season is unfolding. On January 4th, our season kicked off with the game reveal live stream from First, where teams all around the world got the first look at this years game and theme, Infinite Recharge. 

Kickoff day consisted of a lot of brainstorming and planning for our robot and organizing the sub-committees within our team. Our team is comprised of the following groups: robot build team, drive team, digital marketing, awards, scouting, programming and spirit.

The build team made considerable progress on our robot. So far they have decided on a drive train, began prototyping and testing mechanisms, and worked on planning the robot design.

Digital marketing had two major tasks this week including updating our website for the new season and game, as well as producing our week one highlights video which you can watch here or below.

The awards committee has made substantial progress on our Chairman’s Award essay and began revising and proofing it. Nominations for the Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers awards have been made and voting will be taking place within our team over the weekend.

This coming week will involve building parts of the practice field as well as finalizing decisions for robot designs and mechanisms. Stay tuned for next weeks update on how our team is doing!

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