Week 3 Build Season Highlights

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Hello fellow 230 enthusiasts!

It’s the Gaelhawks Team here, talking to you from deep space! We want to continue to keep everyone involved and engaged in what we’ve been doing this past week. The team wants you, our friends and sponsors, to see what you’ve helped us accomplish.

First up is our amazing awards committee who have nearly finalized the prestigious chairmans essay. They are also working tirelessly on our mini essays and writing the two Dean’s list essays, and one for the Woody flowers nomination. In addition to starting to plan the chairmans presentation,prop and video, the team is collecting stats and refining our business plan.

Team 230’s build team has finished prototyping designs for the robot and has started to build fully functional attachments to reach all of our goals for this year’s game. The team has also started to build the robot frame so they can begin integrating those elements onto the robot

The programming team members have been assigned individual components of the robot and tasks to program for the upcoming competitions. Currently, the team is working on software updates to coincide with those coming from FIRST®. On the programming side of scouting, team members have successfully collected data to begin analysis.

Digital marketing continues to made incredible improvements! They are working on their third video update and launched a merchandise section of the website for all to shop. Our home page has also been refreshed, including links to upcoming competitions. We are also starting to use a newly created blog to highlight current activities.

A list of Alumni has just been created to include where past team members are either going to school or are working today. If you have an update please send an email to Team 230, so that we can share your success!

Keep an eye out for even more updates to come!

Join us as we interview a few members of the Gaelhawks in this Office inspired video.

Amazing afternoon checking out the Intuitive Surgical DaVinci Robot at Griffin Hospital special event. Thanks to our sponsor Intuitive Surgical and Griffin Hospital for making this happen!
They did surgery on a grape!

Pun of the day
When do astronauts eat?
At LAUNCH time!

Team Thoughts:
“Team 230 is so much more than our robot”,
“2019 – This is going to be our best season yet!”
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