Week 2 Build Season Highlights

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This is Team 230 talking to you from outer space! Our goal this year is to keep everyone more involved and engaged in what we’re doing during our build season leading up to, and including competitions. We want to acknowledge all of your participation and generous donations and feel that you may want to see what you have been able to help us accomplish. To start our season our digital marketing team, has updated the website to make it easier for you to locate all of our competition locations/dates. The team has also released our 2019 kick-off video. 

To highlight activity on our awards committee, they are in charge of the writing submissions, such as the prestigious Chairman’s essay, Dean’s List, and Woodie Flowers nominations. The Awards committee is well on their way, just having completed their second draft of the Chairman’s essay. Our team student representatives for Dean’s List have been identified as Siddarth Jain and Ananya Yadav, while our Woodie Flowers mentor representative will be Mrs. Laura Spoldi. The awards committee is also responsible for updating and presenting our business plan, writing mini essays and developing our Chairman’s presentation for judging and video.

Our programming team has expanded greatly from last year. This year we have three returning members and four new members! Each programmer has a separate part or task associated with the robot to focus on.

Last but definitely not least is the build team, who are deep in their prototyping process to get multiple ideas built that can execute the obstacles we face on the field this year. We have also begun thinking about building our practice field.

Keep an eye out for even more updates to come! 

Team Thoughts:
“Amazing learning experience”, “Adversity is our innovation” and “We draw or inspiration from people who did amazing things because they didn’t know they couldn’t!”


March 8-10  NE District Waterbury Event 
March 22-24 NE District Western NE Event
April 5-7 NE District Hartford Event

The Great Give Fundraiser
Information coming soon
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