Week One Review

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It has been a whole week since the 2017 game was revealed. Team 230 has been working diligently to accomplish all of our goals before Bag-and-Tag Day. In the past week, our team has been focused on determining the best game strategy. We have broken up into various groups several times to discuss possible robot designs. Our main focus has been the common debate between gears and fuel. We have decided both tasks will be necessary elements in the more intense competitions, so our first focus is to get the high efficiency goal shooter working since it will require more complex mechanisms.

In addition, our awards team has started the difficult tasks of the various award essays. We have begun to formulate a theme for this year’s Chairman’s essay, video, and presentation. We have also begun nominations for the Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers Awards.

All members of the team are working enthusiastically to prepare for competition season.

Keep checking in for weekly updates!

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