Week 6 Build Highlights

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Hello Team 230 followers!

It’s the Gaelhawks Team here, beginning our descent back to planet FIRST (R)! We are now in week 6 of our six week build season. Let’s get to the updates!

Our practice robot is just about finished and our competition robot is close behind. Our competition robot is 85% finished with the elevator to be assembled next. The competition electrical board in almost done, and next is to mount it and connect to the robots motors.

Programmers received the robot on Friday night and have been testing code ever since. They have calibrated all of the motor controllers and have started working on the sensors. Next on their agenda is the control systems and autonomous program. On the scouting side, they had their first Dream Team meeting to discuss plans and roles.

Our Awards committee continues to work on the business plan and has finalized the Safety Handbook. They have also started building the props for the Chairman’s presentation, and are wrapping up the photo book. 

The Digital marketing team has recently posted the Sikorsky sponsor video (see link above). They are working on a Bill of Materials to present at competition and starting production of the Chairman’s video. Stay tuned for the reveal video

And finally we would like to report that we will be filming and posting all game matches at competitions on our website. 

Keep an eye out for even more updates to come!

Over the past 21 years, the Gaelhawks have created a successful program with the help of our sponsors. One of our founding sponsors, Sikorsky, has continually helped the Gaelhawks. We decided to show our appreciation with a video, which highlights Sikorsky’s involvement and help with Team 230 and FIRST over the course of their time with FRC. We will be adding more videos for top sponsors who have contributed to the Gaelhawks. To continue our robust program we encourage new and continued sponsorship.  
To find out more about sponsorship, click here 

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