Week 5 Build Season Highlights

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Hello Team 230 followers!

It’s the Gaelhawks Team here, reporting from the multiverse! We are now in week 5 of our six week build season. Let’s get to the updates!

Our Robot is progressing nicely. The build team has mounted the elevator onto the practice robot and finished building our competition robot elevator. The intake for cargo and hatch panel is assembled and now they are working on battery mount. Programming team has written all of the robot code and completed basic testing.  Last year our team started creating LED cues for the drive team. This year it is taking the form of a “Gaelien”, our version of an extraterrestrial mascot. It changes colors to indicate different aspects of the game. 

We are actively recruiting ace data collectors to form the Scouting Dream Team. They have even built code to successfully predict match scores. The team is offering an internal incentive to join the newly revamped committee. Meanwhile the electrical team has successfully placed the electrical board onto the practice robot. 

Our Awards committee continues working on the Chairman’s presentation, video and props. They are also completing the Business plan and statistics, as well as the photo booklet. Connected to this years Chairman’s theme, they are compiling a Team 230 book of recipes.

The Digital marketing team is working on the storyboard for the Chairman’s video. They are nearly complete on the new branding guidelines and Safety Handbook. The website  has been updated with a sponsor level page, and a build season countdown clock. Social media is continuing to post on all of our social media channels.

The practice field is in the process of being built. We have moved all completed field components to our STEM center. Next we will be assembling a field where we will be able to practice the game.

And finally we would like to report that we will be filming and posting all game matches at competitions on our website.

Keep an eye out for even more updates to come!

2019 Gaelhawks
Team photo

2019 Gaelhawks team button, and new this year, team patch!
This years button design is inspired by NASA’s mission patch and incorporates the Deep Space game theme

Team 230 would like to thank Blakeman Construction for their generous donation of the wood used to build our practice field!
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