Gaelhawks Week 4 Build Season Highlights

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Hello Team 230 followers!

It’s the Gaelhawks Team here, communicating to you from orbit once again! We are now in week 4 of our six week build season. The team wants to keep everyone involved in what we’ve been doing this past week, and to see what we are able to accomplish with your help.

Our amazing Awards committee submitted our Chairman’s essay, both Deans list essays (Siddharth Jain and Ananya Yada), and the Woodie Flowers essay (Mrs. Spoldi). They are now working on the Chairman’s presentation, video and props. They’ve also started to work on the Business plan and statistics. 

In collaboration with the programming team, the electrical committee has successfully completed our electrical board for the practice robot.  They have also wired the RSL which tells the driver when the robot has been enabled. The programmers have finished the coding for all attachments on the robot as well as all versions of the autonomous program.

Our build team is working diligently in assembling the practice and competition robot. Our elevator has been partially attached to the practice robot, our climber is nearly ready to be attached and our wheels are on! Work has begun on assembling our practice field.

Lastly, the digital marketing team  is working with the Chairman’s team to produce the Chairman’s video. They are also working on the Branding guidelines and Safety handbook. Social media is continuing to post on all of our social media channels.

An updated list of Alumnihas just been created to include where our past team members are either going to school or are working today. If you have an update please send an email to Gaelhawks,so that we can share your success!

And finally we would like to report that we will be filming and posting all game matches at competitions on our website.

Keep an eye out for even more updates to come!

2019 Gaelhawks team button, and new this year, team patch!
This years button design is inspired by NASA’s mission patch and incorporates the Deep Space game theme.

2019 Gaelhawks “Into Orbit” logo
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