Week Three Review

 In Ananya Yadav, Megan Fava, Renee Pontbriant, Team Updates

Build season is now halfway over and team 230 is working as diligently as ever to meet their deadlines.

Our programmers successfully connected our new Pixy to the programming laptop.

The awards team is meticulously trying to complete all the awards on time. The Chairman’s mini essays have been completed and all the other essays are well on their way.

Mechanically, team 230 has several advanced prototypes for various mechanisms. The team has also started making PWM cables and other electrical equipment for the robot.

Our team is also participating in the FedEx Innovation Challenge. Today, we completed the requirements for the first challenge. We have several students working on the other challenges currently so they can be submitted.

With bag-and-tag day approaching quickly, we are frantically trying to complete all of our tasks on time. Make sure to check back for weekly updates!

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