Week Five Review

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As week five comes to a close, the Gaelhawks are focusing all of their efforts on finishing the robot in time for bag-and-tag day. However, the northeastern weather has set us behind schedule. Snow storms have prevented us from holding build sessions, which means we are losing valuable time. Hopefully the weather cooperates for the remainder of build season.

On the bright side, Woodie Flowers and the Chairman’s Award were successfully submitted on Wednesday night. The two Dean’s List essays and Business Plan are well on their way to completion and will be submitted this Wednesday.

Our programmers have made substantial progress this week as well. They tested the competition robot shooter and started working on the autonomous code. Additionally, they have created a comprehensive Pixy cam I2C class. They have also completed the initial versions of all robot mechanism classes, and they are now waiting on the completed mechanisms to test them.

Despite the snow, our builders have made a number of accomplishments this week as well. They have been working to complete the electrical board for the competition robot. They have also put the gear holder in the practice robot and are currently working on the mechanism for the competition robot.

Our members have continued to work on spirit as well. Several team members have been working on creating robot heads for the competition season. Additionally, we have been developing and finalizing this year’s t-shirt and banner designs.

Team 230 is eagerly awaiting competition season. Until then, we will continue to work diligently on our remaining tasks. Don’t forget to come back next week for another update!

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