2004 ushered in the first Regional Championship for Team 230.   Following the KISS principle and concentrating on doing one, and only one, task well we provedto be the perfect alliance partner that year.  Unsing a combination worm-gear diven, pneumatically assisted arm we were able to raise ourselves on the bar in all of our matches.

This year also showed our continued dominence in the Animation Award catagory.  Although our sucess didn’t follow us to the Championship 2004 proved to be one of the most sucessful years for our robotic program.


Bradley Anderson Samer Aref Matt Aylward John Barnstein
Mike Bifulco Will Blasko Anthony Castorina Paul Claudio
Alicia Cox Carl Curran Michaela Davis Ryan Griffin
Bob Hagh Dave Hiscock AJ Keegan Michelle Lewis
Samantha Lipscomb Claire Luckachina Brian Lundberg Kristin Lundberg
Josh Messina Kyle Mosher Stephen O’Connor Michael Persico
Zak Purcell Brian Rak Bret Rocheleau Bryan Stewart
Stephen Symski Claire Szeker Tom Victor Joe Visinski
Elissa Voccola Brendon Wall Kevin Wang Tim Wells
Kim Zito


Kevin Aylward Sue Aylward Mary Barnstien Donna Curran
Nancy Gomes Elizabeth Griffin Ted Lipscomb Susan Lipscomb
Diane Rak Tom Symski Nancy Szeker


Tracy Hussey Tina Litchenberger John Niski Lou Schmecker
Helen Scully Kerry Taylor


Dale Bailey John Gomes Steve Kline Jack Luckachina
Robert Lundberg John Miller Herman Szeker Josef Visinski
Richard Vogl Paul Zito

2004 Events

  • UTC New England Regional – Meadows Music Theater, Hartford CT 2004

o   Autodesk Visualization Award

o   Engineering Inspiration Award

o   Regional Champion

  • The Championship Event – Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA 2004

Team Awards

  • Founder’s Award – John Gomes
  • Talon Award – Matt Aylward / Steve Symski
  • Unsung Hero Award – Kristen Lundberg
  • Spirit Award – Steven O’Connor
  • Media Technology Award – Samantha Lipscomb
  • Sponsorship Award – Pitney Bowes / Shelton Board of Education / Emhardt – Black & Decker / Szeker Engineering
  • Engineers’ Scholar – Steve O’Connor

Community Events

  • Ripton School Participation (Special Needs Student Involvement) FLL & Build Season 2003-2004
  • Bocce-Ball Shooter  – Adapted for wheel chairs by student Dave Wickers 2003
  • Gaelhawks Dinner & Auction – Shelton High School – December 4, 2003
  • Relay for Life – The Riverwalk, Shelton CT June 5, 2004
  • Special Olympics of Connecticut 2004
  • Derby-Shelton Memorial Day Parade- Derby & Shelton, CT May 31, 2004
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Robot Demonstration – Sikorsky Main Plant, Stratford CT June 2, 2004
  • Car Wash – Echo Hose Ambulance Station – Shelton, CT  June 19, 2004
  • Team 230 Picnic – Cox Residence- Shelton, CT  June 19, 2004

Off-Season Competitions

  • Bash@theBeach – Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School, Old Lyme, CT
  • UTC Scrimmage – Suffield High School, Suffield, CT
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