Walt Disney World Epcot, Orlando, FL April 6-8, 2000 Diabolical Dynamics was a true attempt at defining a game that exhibited “co-opertition” a few years before the term was trademarked. For 230 this was the birth of the Big Ball robot, one of the most complicated, visually appealing, and robust machines  ever produced by the team. The Big Ball robot was the spotlight of demonstrations for years to come. Built on top of an indestructible frame and entering into a new season after a disasteous one this robot was designed to do it all. Only time and weight prevented the small ball mechanism form going on, but with its large ball handling capability and goal grabing secondary system it was an awesome machine.

Specializing in large balls the 230 machine was an alliance asset. Since this game was an odd one, all of the robots were on the same side, cooperation was never more important. The 230 robot like a phoenix out of the ashes revitalized the squad.  Not only did the students and mentors regain confidence in their ability to field a first class machine, but this feeling extended itself into all of the community activities the team was involved with proving that in this area as well they could be Chairman’s Award material.


Crystal Abbott Sergei Golos Stacy Koty Tom Szeker
Jen Arsen Bob Hagh Jeffrey Lobo Anne Szeker
Jennifer Baker Glenn Heyse Kevin Lundberg Jennifer Vogl
Chuck Baugh Joshua Hill Laura Mariano Dave Wickers
Chris Bertucio Dave Hiscock James Nichols Chris Zito
David Chapman David Holden Jake Pelloth Kimberly Zito
Alexandra Clay David Hotchkiss Mike Persico
John DiBiasi Erik Ibsen Brett Rogowski
Rachel Foglia Soren Ibsen Don Sheehy


Tracy Hussey Ron Mileski John Niski Lou Schmecker
Kerry Taylor


Charles Baugh Paul Ibsen Steve Kline Bob Lundberg
Liz Shepard Herman Szeker Henry Voegeli Richard Vogl
Paul Zito


Rebecca Baugh Barbara Bertucio Joseph Koty Sue Koty
Mary Jo Zito

2001 Events

  • UTC New England Regional – Meadows Music Theater, Hartford CT March 1-3, 2001

   o   Quarter-Finalist

  • The Championship Event – Walt Disney World Epcot Center, Orlando, FL April 5-7, 2001

Team Awards

  • Engineers’ Scholar – Chris Bertuccio

Community Events

  • Gaelhawks Dinner & Auction 2000
  • Relay for Life – 2001
  • Special Olympics of Connecticut 2001

Off-Season Competitions

  • 2nd Annual Bash@theBeach – Millstone Point, Waterford, CT, September 8, 2000
  • UTC Scrimmage – Suffield High School, Suffield, CT
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